With their name plastered on walls and billboards over the island, you can’t miss the fact that the brothers are headlining the opening party of one of Ibiza’s over-the-top venues, the Ushuaia Beach Hotel. And despite suffering the after-effects of “the worst flight ever”, Steve and Chris display all their characteristic charisma, and salsa-flavoured dance moves, once they get behind the decks. Phones flash maddeningly beyond the barriers as their blend of house and acid-tinged techno brings the dance floor to a slow but certain boil.

The Martinez Brothers währen ihrem Set auf der Eröffnungsparty von Ushuaia in Ibiza
Steve and Chris during their set at the opening party of Ushuaia Beach Hotel.

Following their Ushuaia set, there is deliberation on whether to join the opening party at Amnesia. Responsibly realistic about their ability to leave the party in time to catch their flight in four hours, it is eventually decided to all go for a slice at the boys’ favourite pizza place and catch some valuable sleep. Ever humble and chilled, Steve invites the group for pizza and bottled water, while revealing his one extravagance while on tour: “Socks. I put them on my requirement list when we're on tour,” he says. “I don’t really have a preference of brand or anything, I just don’t want to be carrying around a bag full of dirty socks. You don’t know when you’ll get a chance to wash them again.” So much for the hedonistic reputation of international DJs, but the weekend is of course not over yet…

“It’s a hard lifestyle,” Steve explains, half-joking. “You’re always expected to be in a good mood, socialize and hang out. All of it is very physically exhausting, but on tour it’s the reality, it’s a package deal. You wake up (if you actually got to sleep after the gig the day before) then run to catch a flight, fly (which is annoying enough, but if you’re tired it just gets worse), arrive, check in at the next hotel, hang out before the gig, play, then hang out and socialize after. Sometimes you don’t want to leave, but at the back of your mind there is that knowledge that you have to catch your next flight in a few hours. It’s a crazy lifestyle, our father always told us when we were young. It’s not for everyone. You always want to please everyone, but that’s impossible you know; we are aware of that, so we just sometimes say ‘no’.”

Die Martinez Brothers tragen MYKITA Sonnenbrillen vor ihrem Set im Circoloco in Ibiza
Circoloco in Ibiza während das Set von The Martinez Brothers
The Martinez Brothers backstage vor ihrem Set im Circoloco Ibiza
Chris wears MMDUAL005 and Steve wears MALLORY.

Fast-forward to Monday night, the brothers have just gotten back from their gig at We Are FSTVL in London and are busy being their down-to-earth, charismatic selves in the otherwise fairly affected, glitterati-filled and absolutely crammed backstage area of DC-10. Their long-running residency at the legendary party Circoloco has been instrumental to their success in Europe, and it’s plain to see how much they love to be back here. And judging by how they are received by the DC-10 family, the feeling is entirely mutual. After the guys deliver another stellar set of thumping techno and house to the enthusiastic crowd, we grab some shots of them in their MYKITA shades backstage while Charlotte, part of the DC-10 crew, talks about the activities she has planned for the boys this summer. Mad afterparties? But no, this year the tight-knit ‘family’ group can look forward to some “hiking, walking and swimming”. In any case, it would be fair to say that any pursuit is something like a party when you’re in the company of The Martinez Brothers – two lovely guys, through and through.