Behind the scenes: 2015 MYKITA campaign

For the 2015 MYKITA campaign, photographer Mark Borthwick takes us on a tour through the diverse and unusual spaces to be found in New York. Along the way, he casually captures his subjects, a mixed group consisting of family members, friends and professionals, posing and playing against the backdrop of Gotham City’s urban landscape. From lush rooftops in Brooklyn to High Line Park in Manhattan, the locations that Borthwick scouted offer a fresh and unconventional perspective of the metropolis.

Puppies dressed up as penguins or models snacking on urban greenery—nothing is unusual at a Mark Borthwick photo shoot. The artist has a way of making every set feel like a bunch of old friends getting together. This ability to communicate human connection in his photographs is a signature of his acclaimed work. Watch the photographer and his approach in this behind-the-scenes video of the 2015 MYKITA campaign below.