Berlin is celebrating the men of the moment: the German football team arrived to the city after winning the World Cup in a nail-biter of a match against Argentina!

The MYKITA HAUS lived, loved and also suffered through the World Cup. We had the football fever. Here’s a little recap of the football related happenings during the World Cup in the HAUS.

MYKITA football fever

MYKITA HAUS equals football fans. Big time. So, no wonder we didn’t want to miss a minute of any match featuring the German team. Right on time for every game, the courtyard at the MYKITA HAUS became a Berlin based version of the substitute bench of the German team. In our own public viewing spot beer, BBQ and the best team spirit in the city created an atmosphere that we like to think gave the German players that little bit extra needed to take home the big prize.

"And football wasn’t only a conversation topic at the MYKITA HAUS. Earlier in the month a spontaneously established MYKITA Football Team made its debut"

Since the World Cup started, no conversation around the HAUS went by without someone mentioning the changes in the ranking of the MYKITA betting game. The friendly competition has become a tradition during every major football tournament. And football wasn’t only a conversation topic at the MYKITA HAUS. Earlier this month a spontaneously established MYKITA Football Team made its debut at the adidas FANATIC tournament.

Originally created in New York, the amateur tournament took place in Berlin for the first time four years ago, bringing together some of Berlin’s best and brightest creatives, football friends and supporters. This year was a special edition, including teams from Moscow, Paris, London, and Copenhagen. Our team didn’t win, actually they didn’t make it past the first round, but at least they looked really good!

Also, we wouldn’t bet that German footballer Mario Gomez would pay a visit to the MYKITA Shop in Paris while on holidays. That’s good timing! After all, although away from Brazil, everyone still needs a nice pair of shades!

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