Fashion Sales Manager Catarina, URSULA fan and a trained design expert, has been part of the MYKITA team for 5 years. For the second installment of the "Meet the HAUS" series, where members of the MYKITA HAUS share their stories. We meet her on the third floor, where she is in great company with the rest of the sales team and Neo the dog.

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1. Explain what the Fashion Sales Manager does at MYKITA HAUS?

I am responsible for all the sales to non-optical stores. My customers are selected fashion boutiques, concept stores, high-end department stores and online retailers worldwide. I have active customers in over 50 countries and all of them need to be taken care of individually, all having specific demands and requirements. Every single step from becoming a customer, incoming orders, reorders, payments and delivery lies under my responsibility. The stores of our collaboration partners need to be handled, too. 

2. What is on your desk/workbench right at the moment?

Actually, I am happy that my desk looks pretty empty and clean right now. An extremely successful year is coming to an end, which finally gives me time to take care of things that were on the table for a while. Only a few neon Post-its are left sticking on the table. One says I have to call a customer in Australia. Quite a challenge as their opening hours are from midnight to 8:00 am German time! Other than that, there are a few samples and returns on my table.

3. Name the three most important things to you in your work and why:

Travelling and meeting customers personally is for me the most important and enriching part of my job. It’s not only about building a relationship and selling sunglasses to the customers, but also representing the brand, its philosophy and identity, and transmitting MYKITA, the product and its people in the most effective way. It’s very important to me to sell a product and a brand that I can relate to, that I can identify with and promote authentically.

4. What inspires you professionally?

The innovative and aesthetic part of the products, the amazing people at MYKITA with whom I share a big part of my life, but also the freedom of working for an independent company, where actions are based on our own decisions and experience.

5. Describe your greatest moment at MYKITA so far?

It’s difficult to name only one moment. There are several moments like new collaborations or new innovations that make each presentation unique and very special. I like to think about my first day at MYKITA as well as the many evenings spent with my colleagues/friends celebrating life after work. Things were a bit crazier in the past where we ended up dancing and singing on the tables. MYKITA is growing up and so are all of us!

6. What do you look most forward to in your MYKITA future?

There’s a great journey ahead of us. We recently had the big move into the new MYKITA Haus. Having all the different growing departments under one roof is definitely bringing MYKITA again to the next level in every aspect. Regarding me personally, I am looking forward to seeing MYKITA develop and establish into the highest quality fashion brand in the accessories market. With all the present growth, there’s still so much we can achieve.

7. The best thing about MYKITA HAUS is…

The best thing about MYKITA HAUS is to be only footsteps away from every single department, from production to logistics, from the designers to marketing, from sales to finance. This makes us all unite and pull together in the same direction. The most precious sales tool is to have customers over and to give them a tour of our HAUS. It’s an unforgettable experience and therefore the most effective and lasting presentation of the brand.

8. What is currently your favorite MYKITA frame and why?

I really do love the URSULA from the MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm collaboration. It’s edgy from up close but classic from afar, similar to the all time favorite JANIS but with a new and modern approach.

9. Describe MYKITA in 5 words?

Quality, Innovation, Fashionable, Autodidact, Independent.

10. People might be surprised to learn that you are also an excellent…

Designer. I actually studied Product Design in Maastricht and worked in this field in San Francisco (Silicon Valley) and Lisbon for a few years. I found it difficult and felt restricted being creative for clients. To work independently was not an option as I am a team player and very bad in selling my own things, which is funny because this is what I passionately do today for MYKITA!