Rose Chalalai
Rose Chalalai Singh, founder of Ya Lamai restaurant and Rose Kitchen.

As the creative force behind private dining spot Rose Kitchen in the Paris’ Marais, this Bangkok native is internationally recognized and adored for her stunning sense of taste and style. Moving from Thailand to Paris 12 years ago, Rose Chalalai Singh is the founder of Ya Lamai – a low-key Thai restaurant with a very high-profile arts and fashion clientele. She later transformed a former sculpture studio into a private kitchen and dining spot – it is at Rose Kitchen that she hosts her unforgettable dinners featuring fiery dishes passed down from her grandmother, served in the beautiful ambience that is uniquely her own.


We got in touch with Rose to find out more about the concept behind Rose kitchen, her double-life as a farmer in Mallorca, and how the new MYLON GUARD ONE measures up in the kitchen.

How would you explain your concept at Rose Kitchen?

Rose Kitchen is a private kitchen in Le Marais, Paris, where you can have dinner or lunch for up to 26 people and you can feel like you’re eating at home.


How did you decide to move to Paris? Has it influenced your palate and your sense of style?

I moved to Paris 12 years ago from Thailand and I started to work with food. I cooked mostly Thai dishes based on Thai ingredients and recipes, but I gradually started to mix in seasonal products that I got from my farm in Mallorca.


What is most important for you when developing catering experiences for your popular art/fashion events? 

It must always be a delicious and different kind of experience. All the details are important to me in order to make everything beautiful and delicious – so not only the food but all the organization of the catering and working with a great team.


You live between Paris and Mallorca, where you have a farm – how did this come about? 

I got the farm in Mallorca because my partner is from there. He already had this place, but I have since added more and more vegetables, fruits and animals.


Have you tried and tested the GUARD ONE shield – how would you describe it?
It’s fun!

Rose Chalalai
Rose wears MYLON GUARD ONE with the Medi Grey lens shield.

Do you wear MYLON GUARD ONE while cooking or during any other activities – how do they make you feel?

They are very good for cooking, I really like them. My son used them also and he said he will take them on the next skiing trip when that is possible again.

Can you recommend the GUARD ONE to others?

At this moment, along with a mask, the GUARD ONE is useful to everyone, especially in crowded city areas.


Finally, would you mind sharing with us one of your favourite simple recipes?

That would be my pleasure – here is my simple and delicious dish, eggplants sautéed:
3 aubergine
3 spoons of apple cider
3 spoons soy sauce
3 spoons of sugar
1 spoon of sherry
2 cloves of garlic

First you fry half of them for quite long until they are brownish and crisp. Then fry the other half.
When both are brownish and crispy, mix them together and add all the rest of the ingredients.
Add some sesame seeds just before serving, and enjoy!