MYKITA is publishing a limited edition photo-book set featuring the wondrous images from its sixth campaign in collaboration with artist and photographer Mark Borthwick.

MYKITA and Mark Borthwick's 'OUT OF THIS WORLD' Art Edition 

All the campaign photographs, which document the gathering of a bubbly group of friends, family and models on the volcanic island of Lanzarote, were captured using Borthwick’s trusted twenty-five-year-old analogue Leica camera. The prism-like colour effects created by overexposure of the film are distinctive of Borthwick’s warm, spontaneous style.

The OUT OF THIS WORLD Art Edition features a special issue of MYKITA’s campaign photo-book plus a limited edition print signed and numbered by the artist. There are three images to choose from, and 33 signed prints of each image, bringing it to a total of 99 sets.

"Mark Borthwick's perceptive and seemingly effortless images evoke the satisfactions of home, family and harmony with nature"

Photographer, experimental filmmaker, and musician Mark Borthwick became well known for his award-winning avant-garde fashion photography in the 1990s when he worked for magazines such as The Face or i-D Magazine. More recently he can be found collaborating on films with innovators Mike Mills, Chan Marshal or Chloe Sevigny, as well as creating site-specific installations of his photographs alongside his drawings and texts. These events are often accompanied by music, performance and Mark’s inspiring cooking. His perceptive and seemingly effortless images evoke the satisfactions of home, family and harmony with nature. Born in London, Mark Borthwick currently lives with his wife, the fashion designer Maria Cornejo and two children in Brooklyn, New York.

The MYKITA & Mark Borthwick Art Edition Box is available at the MYKITA E-Shop, all MYKITA Shops worldwide and exclusively at Storm Copenhagen.

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