During two weeks this November, the South Beach Miami flagship of renowned multi-brand fashion house The Webster will host a MYKITA Pop-Up Shop at its three-story Art Deco style boutique. Alongside a select assortment of eyewear highlights from the current collection, the pop-up shop is also showcasing the MYKITA for The Webster Limited Edition, a sunshield from the MYKITA & BERNHARD WILLHELM collection in an iridescent blue and chrome colourway.

MYKITA Pop-Up at The Webster, Miami South Beach. Photo courtesy of The Webster

MYKITA JOURNAL used the opportunity to catch up with style maven Rodolphe Nantas to get his insider view on what Miami is all about. The half-French, half-German is the men’s buying director for The Webster. Moving to the U.S. eight years ago, the native Parisian started his career as the fashion house’s social media intern. An NYC resident since two years, Rodolphe recently launched a sustainable fashion project called Ensemble. Here he gives us the low-down on Miami, standout autumn/winter trends and why sunglasses are the perfect way to break out of one’s style routine.

As a part-time local, what do think everyone should know about The Webster’s home city, Miami?

People often think of Miami as a spring break party retreat or – ironically – the complete opposite, a retirement destination. But it’s so much more! For starters, it’s an international art hub, hosting the annual Art Basel and two new and already world-renowned museums: the PAMM and the ICA. It is also home to some of the biggest and most impressive private art collections, such as the Rubell Family Collection, De La Cruz Collection or The Margulies Collection. The city has established itself as a fashion destination with The Webster of course, but also the Bal Harbour Shops, which remains the number one mall in the U.S. in sales per square foot to give you an idea.

The Webster, 1220 Collins Ave, Miami Beach. Photo courtesy of The Webster

What I really like in Miami is that people are dressing up. They have that ‘old school’ way where guys can’t go out without a button down and girls are always in heels and dresses. It’s also a wellness destination, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S., a great melting pot bringing Hispanic, Europeans and Americans together, a meeting point for the best DJ and musicians in the world, and the list goes on. I could talk about it for hours. Most importantly perhaps, is that Florida is the Sunshine State – everyone must remember their sunglasses!

What's your favourite thing to do here when you’re in town?

Although I love Miami, I moved to NYC after living there five years. As Nietzsche said: “Even the most beautiful scenery is no longer assured of our love after we have lived in it for three months”. I come back as much as possible for work and leisure, and every time I’m in town I act like I never left. Going to The Webster working, eating at my favourite lunch place called My Ceviche, and of course the beach.

How would you sum up the ethos of The Webster in a sentence?

The Webster is your personal closet boutique, welcome home!

The shop interior. Photo courtesy of The Webster

What do you think gives you your edge in your role as the menswear buying director at The Webster?

I’m always looking for newness and am really sensitive to beauty. The feeling of beauty I find in the most prestigious shows and collections I have the chance to attend and see gives me self-esteem. There are no rules anymore, the self is out. It creates power and confidence. It’s a feeling that takes away all your anxiety for a moment, joyful. Of course, as a buyer I need quickly to come back down to reality. What helps me is that I am in constant close contact with a full team that helps me make the final decisions. This alternation between the team work and my individual instinct is what I enjoy most about my job.

Do you have any top picks for the autumn/winter trends this season?

Dries, which had the best tie-dye collection I’ve seen so far. Bode, as we haven’t picked NYC-based designer recently and feel like she is bringing something very different and sustainable. I’m also very happy to see more and more German brands around. 032C now has a full range of developed ready-to-wear styles that we are bringing in and to tie music to fashion, we are introducing Dixon’s line in the U.S., Together We Dance Alone.

What are your favourite eyewear styles from MYKITA?

MYLON is the definition of luxury and future for me. The lightness but also that sharp touch and of course the signature MYKITA ‘no-screw’ design makes them the perfect sunglasses.

Rodolphe Nantas, Men's Buying Director for The Webster. Photo courtesy of Rodolphe Nantas

What do you think brings MYKITA and The Webster together?

There are a lot of stores in the world. There are also a lot of sunglasses brands. The fact that you don’t have to read the name of the brand on the temple or open your eyes in the store because you are familiar with the scent, make both MYKITA and The Webster fashion institutions that are now recognized worldwide.

How would you explain the appeal of the MYKITA & BERNHARD WILLHELM sunshield PARIS and the limited edition style for The Webster?

Bernhard Willhelm’s vision is out of this world, albeit not the easiest to understand for a lot of people. The MYKITA eyewear collaboration brings this craziness into a totally wearable piece, that suits all manner of styles. I feel like sunglasses are the one accessory that people can easily use to get out of their comfort zone and try something bold. The ‘sport’ shape and the coloured lenses of this special edition for The Webster is exactly what you need for the beach or the city, from L.A. to Miami, from Houston to N.Y.C. and everywhere else in the world.

The MYKITA x The Webster special edition alongside other MYKITA & BERNHARD WILLHELM models. Photo courtesy of The Webster

Visit the MYKITA Pop-Up Shop until 20 November at The Webster South Beach, 1220 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139.