TsUM is one of the most renowned luxury department stores in Moscow and now it has a MYKITA corner all its own. The renowned store is located in a six-storey historic building on Petrovka Street, only a few blocks away from the Red Square and the world famous Bolshoi Theater.

MYKITA Shop Tsum Moscow
MYKITA Tsum Group
MYKITA Tsum Franz
MYKITA Tsum Janis
MYKITA Tsum Sepp

MYKITA’s dedicated retail space is located on the ground floor of the iconic building and features the characteristic MYKITA furnishings. The interior concept consists of ready-made objects that have been taken from their original context and purpose-designed furniture. A stage-like lighting and the all-white MYKITA wall is designed to let the handmade eyewear creations take centre stage.

Besides stocking all MYKITA eyewear collections and designer collaborations, TsUM teamed up with MYKITA to create a ‘MYKITA for TsUM’ series: three of the most sought-after models from the MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm collection have been reissued in an exclusive colour combination, resulting in a model that is sure to satisfy a discerning clientele’s search for the extraordinary.

FRANZ, JANIS and SEPP are the three models part the MYKITA for TsUM special series, which features a Matte Black frame fitted with Gold Flash lenses in all three models. MYKITA for TsUM is available exclusively at the MYKITA corner in the store's Petrovka Street location in Moscow.



Petrovka Street 2
103779 Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7 495 9418401