Goodbye Mitte, hello Kreuzberg! Just over a month ago the MYKITA headquarters landed in its new location in the city of gritty glamour. The new MYKITA HAUS is located in the Pelikan Haus in Kreuzberg. To celebrate this milestone and to warm the new MYKITA HAUS, 800 friends and family members joined in for a late summer BBQ, heavenly chocolate ice cream and - the highlight of the evening - an open air concert of pop darling DENA. 

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A big group of MYKITA's dearest friends at the courtyard of the new headquarters celebrating with DENA.
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MYKITA HAUS Warming Party

Set in one of Berlin’s classic courtyards on Ritterstrasse – or Knights Street – the number 9 was turned into the place to be for the night. In typical Berlin fashion, the crowd was clad in comfi-chic and casual cool attire, with sneakers and sportswear dominating the scene.

To finish off the night, the DJ duo Kill the Tills took their places behind the turntables, mixing classic hits with pumping techno beats. Unfortunately, the night had to come to an end, but it was truly one to remember!

Click through the slideshow above to see the faces of the night and get a glimpse of the atmosphere at the party.