This season a new shape joins the MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm collection: The spirited and eccentric octagon.

Let’s start with URSULA. The octagonal silhouette might be familiar from frames with smaller dimensions, but as befits the over-dimensional world of Willhelm, it is here blown out of proportion. The radical sister of hippie-esque model JANIS, URSULA comes with the same sleek details – neither temples nor nose pads are treated or coated. The reduced concept creates a streamlined frame, putting the unconventional lens shape in the spotlight.

ERWIN and URSULA: anything but ordinary

No less extraordinary, the particular aesthetic of ERWIN references an amalgamation of personas. Begin with the classic aviators of the 1970s Los Angeles Highway Patrol, add a splash of the Village People, throw in a bit of a kooky Casanova, and you’ve pretty much got ERWIN. The excessively drooping lens is the decisive element of this frame and adds a sense of caricature to ERWIN’s style. A flamboyant colour scheme, including new colours International Blue and Sulfur, breaks with the aura of pure cool and dips ERWIN into the realms of irony. 

URSULA, ERWIN and all the other models comprising the MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm collection are already available at MYKITA Shops, selected opticians and fashion stores, and the MYKITA E-Shop.