Ever seen a frame and wondered if it would look good on you? The new MYKITA product videos are here to help. Discover the new MYKITA collection with the freshly added video feature.

As part of the product pages the new video feature offers a more complete look at the fit and size of all MYKITA frames on a variety of face types. The videos are available as an extra feature to complement the detail photos of the frames. Just click on the “VIDEO” button below the detail photos of each product. Most of MYKITA’s frames are designed to be unisex, which is why the majority of the product pages contain two videos, each featuring a male or female model wearing the glasses.

The new MYKITA collection is comprised by an impressive array of models covering a broad design spectrum. From the Scandinavian objectivity seen in the LITE collection to the classic elegance of old-school Hollywood glamour present in the otherwise futuristic MYKITA MYLON and everything in between, there’s a frame for every face.

Discover the new collection.