It has been a month in vogue for MYKITA with the new designs of the season hitting the pages of established glossies and independent titles from around the globe. Standout eyewear models from MYKITA MYLON, MYKITA STUDIO, as well as the collaborations with Maison Margiela or Tim Coppens complement the graphic contrast and colourful mood of spring fashion editorials. Enjoy a browse through a rich and varied MYKITA press review. 

Glasses: ALOE, Collection: MYKITA MYLON
Title: Harper's Bazaar, Country: Russia, Photographer: Marcin Tyszka, Stylist: Kerstin Schneider, Hair/Make-Up: Daniel Martin/Florrie White
Glasses: MMECHO001, Collection: MYKITA + MAISON MARGIELA
Title: Clash, Country: UK, Photographer: Clark Franklyn, Stylist: Vincent Levy , Hair/Make-Up: Kota Suizu
Glasses: LUAVA, Collection: MYKITA LITE 
Title: Numéro, Country: Japan, Photographer: Bungo Tsuchiya, Stylist: Michie Mito 
Glasses: TRUST, Collection: MYKITA MYLON
Title: InStyle, Country: Russia, Photographer: Takay, Stylist: Sarah Gore Reeves, Hair/Make-Up: Nancy Sea Siler/David Cruz
Glasses: TEQUILA, Collection: MYKITA + TIM COPPENS
Title: Elle, Country: UK, Photographer: Hans Feurer, Stylist: Claudia Englmann
Glasses: FEDOR, Collection: MYKITA / DAMIR DOMA 
Title: Grazia, Country: UK, Photographer: Alex Bramall, Stylist: Nathalie Wansbrough-Jones
Glasses: ANIK, Collection: MYKITA LITE 
Title: Spur, Country: Japan, Photographer: Takanori Okuwaki