MYKITA Lite Steel Acetate Prescription Frame Meja Sunglasses Meri Landscape
MYKITA LITE sunglasses MERI and prescription frame MEJA in Champagne Gold / Rose Water.

Two contrasting materials come together for a perfectly balanced structure and aesthetic. The new LITE models feature straightforward shapes to celebrate the simple technical construction made of acetate and stainless steel. Here the beauty of the collection lies in the contemporary contrast of warm, vivid acetate to sleek, gleaming steel. With a structurally balanced design to ensure everyday comfort, the LITE collection embodies modern refinement. Here we examine the details of the three main eyewear constructions.

MYKITA Lite Journal Meja
MYKITA LITE sunglasses MERI in Champagne Gold / Rose Water.

EFFORTLESS FINESSE – Steel construction with acetate rims and detailing

This is precision craftsmanship on the edge. MERI and MEJA represent the next generation of mixed material glasses. Slender acetate rings are precision milled and fitted inside stainless steel rims in an engineering feat. The biggest challenge in this product is joining three different materials perfectly. The acetate rims are milled to the minimum tolerance of the metal front, which is down to 0.1 millimetre. The acetate used for the rims has gone through a longer tempering process to reduce the shrinking that naturally occurs during its lifetime. After the final quality inspection, a calibre disc is inserted to prevent the acetate shrinking, this is removed only just before inserting the lens. In order to check the tolerances during production MYKITA designed special gauges for the rims and the lens. While this technical part may be complex, the look is decidedly effortless. Rich colour compositions such as Champagne Gold and Rose Water or Taupe are expressions of contemporary refinement.

MYKITA Lite Steel Acetate Prescription Frames Quenby Osha
MYKITA LITE prescription frames QUENBY and OSHA in Shiny Copper / Mint Water.

THE SLOW REVEAL – Steel construction with acetate detailing

Thoughtful details have emerged as one of the main themes of the LITE collection. MYKITA’s passion for materials and aesthetic technical solutions is clearly expressed in models such as QUENBY or OSHA. Round optical model QUENBY represents the new generation of LITE metal models: simple shapes in sleek stainless steel are complemented with nose pads and temple ends in rich acetates. Aside from the physical comfort of wearing acetate on the skin, the functional parts double as styling elements.

MYKITA Lite Journal Quenby
MYKITA LITE prescription frame QUENBY in Shiny Copper / Mint Water.

An exercise in understatement, the noble LITE aesthetic announces itself over time via the finely composed colour combinations, such as Shiny Copper with Mint Water as pictured here, made visible when hold the frame in your hands. OSHA is a large squared model with accentuated corners. Here the acetate front meets MYKITA’s iconic flat stainless steel hinge via an elegant click-in connection. This mechanical solution leaves a small metal square on either side of the front which simultaneously becomes a subtle trademark of the LITE acetate range.

MYKITA Lite Acetate Steel Prescription Frame Gylfi Sunglasses Aluki
MYKITA LITE sunglasses ALUKI in Grey Havana / Shiny Graphite and prescription frame GYLFI in Stone Water / Shiny Graphite. 

THE NEO CLASSICS – Acetate front and elongated acetate temple ends

The warmth and vibrancy of acetate dominates in this range of mixed material models. Archetypal pantos such as ALFUR and ALUKI or the oversize navigator model GYLFI combine the look of an all-over acetate body with the effortless mechanics of the MYKITA LITE stainless steel hinge, which relies neither on screws nor adhesives, guaranteeing its durability. Specially developed gradient acetates, including Grey Gradient or Santiago Gradient complete this timeless aesthetic.

MYKITA Lite Acetate Prescription Glases Gylfi In Stone Water
MYKITA LITE prescription frame GYLFI in Stone Water / Shiny Graphite.

Discover the thoughtful details and covetable colour options in the MYKITA LITE collection, which comprises both optical and sunglass models.