Raw beauty, the promise of adventure and getting close to the four classical elements – join MYKITA MYLON on a winter road trip at the edge of the Arctic Circle, in the pure and unadulterated habitat of Iceland.

Exceptionally adaptable, light and durable, a MYKITA MYLON frame is a functional and resilient companion to modern explorers. A snug fit and features such as side flaps optimise the glasses’ performance, protecting eyes from wind, rain, snow, sleet or unwanted reflections. Material, construction and surface come together for a sharp and contemporary aesthetic.

Rare and characteristic surfaces also define the spectacular beauty of Iceland: from blue glacial ice and white powdery snow to black volcanic rock and green fuzzy moss. During the winter months the sun sits low in the sky, casting long, dramatic shadows; intense, yellow light hits the pristine white snow and the landscape becomes – quite literally – blindingly beautiful. Reliable glare control is a crucial attribute in these conditions.

Glare is concentrated light reflecting off a horizontal shiny surface, such as a car windscreen, sand, water, snow or asphalt roads. Not only uncomfortable, glare reduces visibility and can be dangerous especially while driving, cycling or skiing. MYKITA MYLON polarising lenses absorb dazzling light effects for high definition vision. The scratch-resistant hydrophobic nano-coating causes drops of water to bead up and roll off for a consistently clear view and a quick, easy clean.



In 2007 MYKITA began experimenting with polyamide material, aiming to pioneer it in the production of eyewear. Enticed by the freedom of design offered by Selective Laser Sintering, a 3D printing technique primarily used in the automotive industry to make prototypes and engine parts, MYKITA dedicated many years to explore the production method, ultimately developing a patented multi-step process that seals the raw surface of the laser-sintered polyamide and renders it wearable. Introduced in 2011, MYKITA MYLON stands for avant-garde design executed in a high-tech material.

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