International Sales Representative Tjarko is a big fan of HUNTER and an expert in customs regulations. He has been part of the MYKITA team for 3 years and is, in spite of his serious mask, one of the funniest guys to be around. For the third instalment of the "Meet the HAUS" series, we met him at his desk on the third floor of the MYKITA HAUS.

1. Explain what an International Sales Representative does at MYKITA HAUS?

My country portfolio includes 20 countries, stretching from Morocco all the way to Kazakhstan. But my main focus lies in the Middle East, India and Russia.

The job basically has two sides: I try to expand our business with new partners in new and existing markets on the one side and on the other I support our existing clients with sales training and technical instructions. I also present the latest collections to those customers who can’t make it to the optical fairs.

2. What is on your desk/workbench right at the moment?

Right now my desk is pretty much empty since I am traveling through Kazakhstan searching for new possible partners in this emerging economy. But usually you will find visa applications, carnets and performer invoices for my sample sets, flight itineraries and lots of empty chocolate wrappings. All in all, it can be quite messy at times. But it looks messier that it actually is due to the fact that my colleague Janis’ desk is too clean and makes me look bad.

3. Name the three most important things to you in your work and why:

My laptop:
I need it to conduct presentations, keep in touch with customers, my family and friends. Also, it is nice to watch some episodes of Seinfeld once in a while.

My passport:

My smile:
I often need it to charm particularly difficult custom officers.

4. What inspires you professionally?

I love to travel and to wake up in a new city. The first steps out of the hotel in the morning or the taxi ride into town from the airport late at night will always be exciting to me. Getting to know markets on three continents is great. There is always something new to learn and experience.
I am driven by the goal to create sustainable markets for MYKITA with strong partners and to strengthen the ones we already have.

My job allows me to meet many people around the world, making them understand and appreciate what MYKITA creates in Berlin is amazing. It makes me happy to find appreciation for quality and style and our way of production in faraway places.

5. The best thing about MYKITA HAUS is…

The people! I love hanging out with my colleagues. I have never worked in an atmosphere like this. Just join the MYKITA team after one of the fairs and you will see – we love to have fun. Some, including myself, will literally cry with laughter.

6. What is currently your favourite MYKITA frame and why?

Hunter: Awesome frame that will make everyone who wears it look like the coolest dude around.

7. Describe MYKITA in five words?

Ideas, innovation, inspiration, motivation, commitment

8. People might be surprised to learn that you are also an excellent…

By now I would really make either a fine customs agent or an excellent smuggler (laughs) – I know the rules and regulations inside and out!