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Celebrating the independent spirit of Berlin, MYKITA and 032c come together to present MARFA – the collaboration piece encapsulates the 032c aesthetic that is an allegory for freedom, research and creativity through a voluminous wraparound design with organic lines and a sculptural feel. The eyewear is made from MYLON®, a material innovation pioneered by MYKITA allowing for maximum volume with minimal weight. The cylindrical silhouette features lenses cut from a rounded shield at a slightly tilted axis, creating surreal lens reflections. Handcrafted at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin.

032c is a media and fashion company for the 21st century. Founded by Joerg Koch in 2000, 032c began as a magazine in Berlin. Now the brand also creates ready-to-wear collections and community-catalysing experiences on a global scale. The mission of every 032c production is to inform, provoke, and activate the imagination. The 032c universe is a place for freedom, research, and creativity, where fantasy is reality, aspiration is attainment, and everything is culture in the making. And, like any universe, 032c is expanding.