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This collection beautifully captures the MYKITA design ethos, reinventing the traditional acetate category according to our principles of responsible design. The visible interplay between high-tech functional elements and the tactile acetate material creates a core aesthetic that is adapted into different design codes: ESSENCE, GRACE, BOLD, and RINGS. All frames are crafted from the sustainable material, Acetate Renew.


The patented ENDURA hinge has been specially engineered to ensure a distortion-free system that preserves the personalised fit of the frame, providing absolute wearing comfort and a high-quality tailored appearance that lasts.

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Developed for endurance and longevity, the ENDURA hinge ensures eyewear will require minimal maintenance or re-adjustment. The rigorous quality testing regime at the MYKITA HAUS encompasses 15,000 cycles of hinge activation to assure product resilience.

Handcrafted quality from the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin.

MYKITA Acetate Stilllife Jpeg