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A prominent presence in the fashion editorials of 2018, MYKITA put in regular appearances in established fashion bibles and cult niche publications alike. Fashion-forward sunshield designs from MYKITA MYLON and the collaboration lines with Maison Margiela and Bernhard Wilhelm were a top favourite with stylists. KITT and SELINA by MYKITA +MARTINE ROSE emerged as the darling of independent fashion titles. Refined models with tinted lenses from MYKITA STUDIO or MYKITA & BERNHARD WILLHELM placed MYKITA’s signature stainless steel artistry at the centre of directional eyewear style.

Tuesday 29/01/2019

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For each emerging trend this season there appears to be a MYKITA style to match. Fashion-forward shields like VICE or MMECHO001 sharpen up voluminous, sporty layers. The archetypal shapes and softly tinted lenses of STUDIO 7 put the finishing touch on retro Seventies ensembles. High performance MYLON shields mix with body-conscious fits and glitzy accessories for a sports couture look. And finally, Nineties shapes and colours from the collaboration lines with Martine Rose, Maison Margiela or Bernhard Willhelm add the perfect accent to offbeat styling for young and old.

Tuesday 16/10/2018