Might art be the new rock and roll? Just in case it is, MYKITA JOURNAL introduces the five best frames for taking in an art festival in the appropriate style.

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Manifesta 11 in Zurich. Photos by Wolfgang Traeger

Photographed at MANIFESTA 11, the nomadic European Biennial for contemporary art, the selection has all the occasions of an art week covered – from the vernissage to the after-party or the open gallery day.

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TERESA in Black + SHADES in Shiny Silver with Grey Solid lenses | NO2

The versatile TERESA with its tailored SHADES clip-on, projects a mix of serious and cool that is ideal for the vernissage. A classic, acetate panto shape, TERESA gives off an attractive highbrow vibe as an optical frame. Clip on the stainless steel SHADES and watch the transformation into an edgy pair of cat-eye sunglasses – and voilà, instant swag for mingling with the art crowd.

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VERUSCHKA in Black/Gold Gradient with Brown Gradient Flash lenses | MYKITA & BERNHARD WILLHELM

Named after the iconic supermodel, VERUSCHKA is a refined version of rock star sunglasses. Round and iconic from a distance, a closer look reveals the 12-sided polygon shape of the lenses. Glamorous with the right touch of eccentricity, this is the frame for enjoying sundowners at the rooftop after-party. Tinted gradient lenses are a welcome addition on the sunrise walk home too.

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ANANA in Coconut Water/Shiny Graphite with clear lenses | LITE

Extravagantly round and oversize, ANANA is intellectual with a slightly esoteric air and thus the natural choice for browsing the galleries during the day. Display your trained sense of aesthetics and keen grasp of contemporary composition with this perfectly balanced structure made of sleek steel and warm acetate.

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VICE in Storm/Black with Silver Flash lens | MYKITA & BERNHARD WILLHELM

Hang nonchalantly in the background wearing VICE – soak up the reverent glances of everyone thinking you’re the artist. A charismatic and rebellious presence on the eyewear scene, VICE is made of super lightweight MYLON and sports an angled lens shield. Ideal for going incognito and cultivating an air of creative mystery.

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MMESSE012 in Dark Green with Dark Green Solid lenses | MYKITA + MAISON MARGIELA

Is it a pair of glasses? Is it a work of art? Navigating the treacherous world of contemporary art can be demanding. With its experimental pentagonal shape and reduced material concept, the MMESSE012 could easily be mistaken for an important gallery work with a pure yet radical message. Slip the glasses on and they’re simply a particularly flattering, modern interpretation of the classic aviator.



Manifesta was conceived in the early 1990s as a nomadic, European biennial of contemporary art, responding to the new social, cultural and political reality that emerged in the aftermath of the Cold War. Following a desire to explore the psychological and geographical territory of Europe and to provide a dynamic platform for cultural exchange throughout the region, it takes place every two years in a different European city. Along with the Venice Biennale and documenta in Kassel, Manifesta is one of the foremost art events in Europe. 

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The Pavillion of Reflections at Manifesta 11 in Zurich. Photo by Wolfgang Traeger.
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