Guillermo Andrade, designer of 424 and co-founder of FourTwoFour on Fairfax wearing MYKITA sunglasses ERIN

In 2010, designer Guillermo Andrade first opened the high-end streetwear store, FourTwoFour on Fairfax in Los Angeles. The clothing and accessories brand 424 followed, initially as a series of capsule collections. In 2015, 424 grew into a full line and has since become renowned as one of the most progressive brands coming out of L.A. with a local and international following of style-savvy urban artists. Andrade creates collections that tackle some of the more uncomfortable topics of our day, including oil spill disasters or police brutality. His aesthetic offers a fresh perspective on urban streetwear with informed silhouettes, precise colourways and obsessively considered details. Just before the global launch of the MYKITA for 424 collaboration, MYKITA JOURNAL was able to grab a moment with the self-confessed MYKITA convert for a set of quick questions:

What do you think is key to setting yourself apart as a brand these days?

Above all, the most important thing is to be true to yourself – try and create genuine product that represents you.

Bradley Soileau wears MYKITA for 424 sunglasses ERIN
MYKITA for 424 sunglasses ERIN in Glossy Gold. Photo by Diego Andrade.

424 is known for its distinctive red armbands – does the colour red hold a special significance to you?

The colour red is very strong; it demands attention.

Tell us about one of your favourite looks from the past?

Hip hop has always been my favourite look.

Where do you look to for inspiration?

The streets, I’m emotional, I hug the block. Travelling, also.

Do you have a favourite place/city?


What would you never wear?

Thong sandals.

What item can you not be without?

iPhone and ERINs.

MYKITA Bydiegoandrade
MYKITA for 424 sunglasses ERIN in Shiny Silver. Photo by Diego Andrade.

Tell us about your history with MYKITA.

I have been more of a fan of the brand than an insider. I love product and was instantly drawn to the quality and design. I was in Copenhagen for fashion week during a release at Storm Copenhagen and met your sales director, through him I learned a lot about MYKITA and got the chance to work with the brand and got myself a wholesale account with my store here in Los Angeles. 

Where did you first come across the glasses? 

The flagship store in New York. I went in to escape the cold to be honest, and I’ve been hooked since. 

What was the first frame you got? 

TUULI – please bring them back!

What attracted you to the brand/product?

Quality, quality, quality! Once I started to try them on and wear them it was easy to stop wearing my other sunglasses. 

Photo Aug Edit
MYKITA for 424 sunglasses ERIN in Glossy Gold. Photo by Diego Andrade.

What makes MYKITA and 424 a good match?

I think anytime two different worlds come together it makes for an interesting project, the quality and expertise of MYKITA with our raw approach to product is why I was so excited to work on this. 

Tell us about the customised model:

The ERIN is my favourite frame, so we went with that as a starting point. Two colourways, simple and straight to the point 

What attracted you to model ERIN or round glasses?

I have a big head (laughs). The round frames are my favourite; they have a classy 007 villain vibe that I love. 

MYKITA for 424 sunglasses ERIN
MYKITA for 424 sunglasses ERIN.

424 is known for its refined colourways – what inspired the vibrant lenses in red or blue?

The colours are to make a statement, bold and fun. 

What is your relationship to Berlin? What do you do when you visit?

I haven’t got to spend to much time in the city, but when I was there I found it very inspiring; the museums blew my mind, I spent most of my time in there. I look forward to going back!  


Limited to 50 pieces per colourway, the MYKITA for 424 sunglasses have already sold out at the MYKITA E-SHOP, but are still available in the MYKITA Shops New York and Los Angeles, FourTwoFour on Fairfax, Dover Street Market in Tokyo, KM20 in Moscow and Storm in Copenhagen