Meet the HAUS: Ina Marie

Tinted mirrors, building prototypes and tap-dancing – Ina-Marie, a product designer at MYKITA for two years talks about what inspires her work and shares her experiences at the HAUS.

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Explain what a product designer does at MYKITA HAUS?

We design eyewear! There are three big optician fairs per year, including Opti in Munich, Mido in Milan and Silmo in Paris. We design and introduce new collections for these fairs, including collaborations. All designs are also worked on with our creative director, Moritz.

The design process includes analysing the current collections. Finding the future look, finding new technical solutions and materials. Making sure that a serial production is possible – for that we work together with product development and the production team.

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What is on your desk/workbench right at the moment?

There are always a lot of prototypes – right now, it is a box full of interesting ideas! I would be very excited to see them in the next collection, but some of them don’t make it past the serial production requirement… I also have a mirror to check how the prototypes look and if they fit – mine is with tinted glass, a must during the winter months! My beloved MYKITA notebook, a folder full of printed out drawings and a box of miscellaneous treasures.

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Name the three most important things to you in your work and why:

For me it is important that I can identify myself with MYKITA’s design language; to have creative freedom; and to have the possibility to work in Frank’s workshop to build the prototypes.

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What inspires you professionally?

All types of craftsmanship, production methods, technical details, city life, people, other cultures, art, fashion, music, materials, the future and the past.

The best thing about MYKITA HAUS is…

…that you can see the whole product development from an abstract idea to the physical product, all under one roof. The people, the atmosphere makes me happy to come here every day.

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What is currently your favourite MYKITA frame and why?

There are many, but the BRADFIELD and MADELEINE couple is still a favourite, and I love the new LITE acetate collection. The look, the fit, the details – everything!

Describe MYKITA in five words?

Unstoppable, innovative, full of opportunities, surprising and great.

People might be surprised to learn that you are also an excellent…

Tap-dancer – well not yet, but I’m trying to be one.

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