Contemporary California provides the backdrop for the 2015 MYKITA MYLON campaign with its turquoise swimming pools, minimalist architecture and Malibu’s expansive beaches, all captured through the lens of L.A.-based photographer Zoë Ghertner.

In her second collaboration with MYKITA, Ghertner captures the new MYKITA MYLON collection in striking portraits and full-length shots with graphic silhouettes. Marking a departure from the still life photography of previous campaigns, live models place the frames at the centre of the action as they swim, surf or just stand in the perpetual California sunshine for a moment.

Ghertner, who has also worked for Céline and Hermès, is known for her iconic and minimalistic visual aesthetic. Distinctive in her work is her use of natural light. This is used to great effect in the MYKITA MYLON campaign images, creating a static, almost sculptural appearance in the models.

British stylist Jodie Barnes – known for his work for Fantastic Man and The Gentlewoman – pairs the MYKITA MYLON glasses with performance fabrics, emphasizing the interaction between fashion and sports in this eyewear collection.

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