There is real eye-candy to discover in this month’s press review with some fashion-forward styling in publications from France to Korea. Enjoy a browse through our pick of the international press featuring MYKITA.

Glasses: FRANZ, Collection: MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm
Title: Vogue, Country: Korea, Photographer: Yoon Myung Sub
Glasses: DAISUKÉ, Collection: MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm
Title: Interview, Country: USA, Photographer: Gregory Harris, Stylist: Elin Svahn
Glasses: SIENNA, Collection: MYKITA NO2
Title: Elle, Country: Ukraine, Photographer: Kinya Ota, Stylist: Robert Mishchenko, Hair/Make-up: Colleen Runne
Glasses: MMESSE006, Collection: MYKITA + Maison Margiela,
Title: Vogue Hommes, Country: France, Photographer: Jack Pierson, Stylist: Anastasia Barbieri, Hair/Make-up: Edward Lampley
Glasses: MALLORY, Collection: MYKITA MYLON SUN
Title: Cosmopolitan, Country: Taiwan
Glasses: SCARLETT, Collection: MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm
Title: Grazia, Country: France, Photographer: James Macari
Glasses: MMDUAL001, Collection: MYKITA + Maison Margiela
Title: Fräulein, Country: Germany, Photographer: Neil Gavin, Stylist: Rose Forde
Glasses: DAISUKÉ, Collection: MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm
Title: Citizen K, Country: France, Photographer: John-Paul Pietrus, Stylist: Romain Liégaux