Wearing is caring – a wise little mantra, especially in the world of eyewear. At the MYKITA Shops you are not only able to purchase MYKITA frames but can of course also have your eyes examined by a professional. The in-house optometrist will generate a customised optical profile and ensure that the frame and lens is exactly adapted to suit your face and vision.

The top-qualified store staff is backed by a special lab, the ZEISS Relaxed Vision Center, which is equipped with state-of-the-art precision instruments.

We spoke to Dr. Vanessa Tilley-Christopherson, the optometrist at the MYKITA Shop New York, about the eye examination process at the store.

MYKITA Shop New York
MYKITA Shop New York
MYKITA Shop New York
MYKITA Shop New York

What sets the eye examination in the MYKITA shop apart?

This is an easy one to answer. MYKITA has invested in some of the most sophisticated visual equipment in the USA.  Most eye-care practitioners utilise procedures and equipment that have not changed for 100 years.  MYKITA’s partnership with ZEISS, an optical industry giant, guarantees an intelligent and innovative approach, which provides a “WOW” experience for patients.

Optical practitioners and scientists have been aware of various aberrations or errors in vision for some time. These can roughly be divided into lower order aberrations, (near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism) and higher order aberrations. Correcting higher order aberrations has lagged behind until just recently due to limited technological advancements.  Generally speaking, most practices are only able to address the commonly recognized lower order aberrations.  ZEISS with its iProfiler now has the technology to measure and correct higher order aberrations.

This is a wonderful advancement for patients who have long complained of reduced vision despite being told their corrected vision is “normal”.

What services does the ZEISS Relaxed Vision Center offer?

The Relaxed Vision Centre offers a method of performing more accurate measurement to ensure the best fit and lens performance. You can have the best eyeglass prescription and the best lenses, but inaccurate measurements can interfere with optimal performance.  MYKITA is committed to optimising the optical experience on every level.

The MYKITA shop in New York is the first store in the US offering the iPolatest. Can you explain how that works?

The iPolatest is a beautiful piece of equipment that allows measurement of several areas of vision. The eye-care practitioner can easily toggle between several different tests, which reduces the time needed to do each test and enhances the patient experience.  These include monocular evaluations for measuring patient’s refractions and binocular testing for evaluating the way the eyes work together.

The iPolatest also has methods of measuring astigmatism, as well as special test to measure colour vision, stereopsis, and other medical conditions.  There are areas, which allow the practitioner to illustrate how certain aspects of lenses work, for example how progressive lenses work.  In a nutshell, the iPolatest is a sophisticated piece of equipment that enhances efficiency in visual testing and education.

Can I stop by at the shop or do I need to make an appointment for the eye examination?

Walk-ins are welcome, but it is always safer to schedule an appointment to avoid having to wait.  We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive examination, which takes time. However, our staff is always available to assist with frame selection if the doctor is busy. We strive to be accommodating.

Visit the MYKITA Shop New York for your own personal “WOW” experience.



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