MYKITA Journal Landscape
The flat, clean blocky front on sunglasses DAKAR showcase the unique Chilled Raw aesthetic.

Presenting Chilled Raw, a bold new material concept by MYKITA that explores beauty in the unrefined – the raw edges and matt finish of this acetate eyewear tell the story of how it was made. This unique surface treatment debuts on voluminous, bold sunglasses for truly original style that advances and sets a new aesthetic direction in the world of eyewear.

MYKITA is known taking an industrial design approach to creating eyewear. Much research and development goes into developing our materials, constructions and surface treatments. The acetate material was the starting ingredient for the Chilled Raw concept.

By disrupting the conventional production process for acetate, MYKITA creates a brand new aesthetic for this eyewear category; one that celebrates the tiny marks and imperfections that ultimately makes each frame an original. Instead of going through a tumbling and polishing process, frames are simply sandblasted after being cut. The raw surface reveal traces of the acetate milling process, and sandblasting creates a frosted, ‘chilled’ appearance. All frames are made from the circular Acetate Renew material and handmade at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin.

MYKITA Journal Landscape
On the left: LOME in Chilled Raw Pine Honey. On the right: KIENE in Chilled Raw Blonde.

Four new sunglass models join the MYKITA ACETATE collection that provide the best possible canvas to showcase the Chilled Raw surface concept: LOME and DAKAR make a cool, powerful impression both with a flat, clean, blocky front created by a virtually straight top line and lenses fitted flush with the frame front. LOME is the larger of the two rectangular frames; DAKAR offers a slightly slimmer silhouette.

Offering a more sculptural silhouette, KILENDA, an oversize square shape, and KIENE, a large panto, perfectly show off the pure geometry and distinctive fine material facets achieved by the Chilled Raw surface treatment. Colourways include classic dark options, such as Chilled Raw Black Havana and Chilled Raw Galapagos, as well as lighter shades, including the exclusive Chilled Raw Blonde and Chilled Raw Clear Ash.

MYKITA Journal Landscape
Sculptural facets on sunglasses KIENE in Chilled Raw Blonde.

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