Care Day
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We aim to bring you responsible design made to the highest quality standard, and we want to ensure that your frame looks, fits and functions just how it was designed – our complimentary MYCARE service is there to do just that. Bring your MYKITA eyewear to one of our shops worldwide and let us bring back its fresh and clean, balanced look and feel. This product aftercare is available year round to extend the enjoyment and lifespan of our products.

Join our mission to make all things last longer and visit one of our shops worldwide to find out what the MYCARE service can do for your MYKITA frame.


We adjust your frame back to a personalised fit to ensure optimal wearing comfort and vision.

Care Day


The frame is dismantled to remove stubborn residues and stains via an ultrasound bath.

Care Day


Where necessary, we exchange functional service parts, e.g., nose pads and temple ends.

Care Day


We can bring back the brand-new shine on dulled acetate frames with this dedicated polishing treatment.

*Please note this optional service is not complimentary.

Care Day