MYKITA STUDIO represents the creative core of the modern manufactory. The eponymously named eyewear line is a showcase for high-fashion concepts – uncompromising designs that reflect the aesthetic zeitgeist. Conceived as a design series, each new instalment starts with a clean slate. With no existing restraints or commitments MYKITA STUDIO illustrates a moment in time. A central idea pursued to its consequent, physical manifestation.


MYKITA STUDIO presents a striking new concept defined by extra thick lenses with bevelled edges and dreamy colours. The barely visible construction makes the four-millimetre-thick lenses with gemstone-like facets and pale smoky tones the central feature, charging this flamboyant Seventies look with modern sensibility.


Introducing a capsule collection of experimental aviators: STUDIO 9 presents a standalone aesthetic made up of oversized shapes in slender steel constructions, softly tinted lenses and unexpected, precious colour elements in acetate. The overall look is futuristic and bohemian at once.


With stainless steel models defined by slim silhouettes and embellished sidepieces, STUDIO 8 reinterprets the Nineties bling-bling, hip-hop aesthetic for the Twenty-first century. True to the MYKITA design identity, what first appears to be a logo insignia on either side of the front is in fact a functional piece connecting the temples. This nod to logo culture also holds the new must-have accessory – the neck chain.


Oversize lenses in all colours of the rainbow – STUDIO 7 brings light-filled vibes and a flower power ambiance. Understated and perfectly proportioned, the archetypal shapes in the slender MYKITA stainless steel construction play a supporting role to the respective mood of the sheer, candy-coloured lenses.


Evoking optical illusion art from the Sixties, the STUDIO 6 concept is inspired by advancements in surface treatment technology. A precision etching process enables the ultra-fine lines that follow the exact contour of the frame creating the 3D graphic pattern. Metallic tones combined with matt solid colours emphasise the psychedelic effect.


The fourth concept introduces a fun sense of style. Inspired by a modular mode of construction, the collection comprises three bold stainless steel shapes: the cat-like 4.1, the squared 4.2 and the round 4.3. Each model is segmented into three separate yet harmonising colours that have been meticulously hand-lacquered on both the inside and outside of the frame. Posh that is playful.