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GUARD ONE is a multi-purpose, protective eyewear shield with anti-fog technology, developed with medical practitioners for optimal functionality and wearing comfort. Worn with other Personal Protection Equipment, such as face and respiratory masks, the protective shield works to reduce the risk of viral infection. With exchangeable shields and a sporty design language, the versatile GUARD ONE can be worn as clear safety glasses or a sunshield with 100% UV protection. Manufactured to the highest standards in Germany, GUARD ONE combines personal protection with the aesthetic principles of award-winning eyewear design.

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Mg1 Packaging V2
Mg1 Packaging V2


GUARD ONE is relevant to anyone living or working in conditions where prolonged social contact is necessary and maintaining safety distances is not always possible. The easily exchangeable shields ensure it can be worn whenever functional eye protection is required – in the lab or workshop, as well as during a variety of outdoor activities and sports. Potential uses include daily protection within the healthcare sector, hospitality and retail, the beauty and wellness industry, a shield for bicycle/motorbike riding, or simply a statement accessory.


  • Multi-purpose: exchangeable clear/sun shields with easy click-in design
  • Anti-fog technology for consistently clear vision
  • Reusable product suitable for standardised machine cleaning and disinfection
  • Developed for wear with other PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
  • Adjustable/self-adjusting head strap for optimal hold
  • Optimised for wear over most eyeglasses
  • Sunshield with 100% UV protection
  • Precision engineered for optimal fit and comfort
  • Hard-coated polycarbonate lens for durability and high-impact resistance
  • Made of MYLON®, a high-tech, lightweight material


  • PPE certification Europe: DIN EN166:2001
  • PPE certification North America: ANSI/ISEA Z87.1:2020
  • Shields comply with the requirements of EN166:2001 and the relevant standard EN 172:1994 (sun protection filters)